Brainport Industries Koninklijke Metaalunie Mikrocentrum Nevat
  • Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion op Hannover Messe 2018

    Van 23 t/m 27 april 2018 vindt de Hannover Messe plaats. Voor de vijfde keer zullen de organisaties, Brainport Industries, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Mikrocentrum en Nevat de handen ineen slaan om Hal 4 oranje te kleuren.

Hannover Messe
Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion

23 t/m 27 april 2018  
Deutsche Messe, Hannover

 Notice: For some parts on the program registration is required.

09:00 - 10:00

Hall 4
Stand E 24



Networking breakfast for exhibitors of Baden Württemberg Int. and Dutch Industrial Supply in hall 4
Act globally – eat and drink locally 

We would like to invite you to our Networking Breakfast at Hannover Messe „Industrial Supply“ 2018 in hall 4, booth E24. Herr Jürgen Schäfer, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung Baden Württemberg Int. and Herr John Blankendaal, Managing Director von Brainport Industries will open the breakfast. Thereafter you have the opportunity to meet and learn more about companies, universities and research institutions from the Netherlands and from Baden-Württemberg (Germany) in a relaxed atmosphere. Seize the chance to meet interesting participants while enjoying an international breakfast with Dutch bread and Swabian süße Stücke, Laugenbrezeln und Laugenstangen!

We are looking forward to seeing you: on Wednesday, 25th April 2018 from 9.00 to 10.00 am

Invitation | If you are interested in joining us please click here

HM IndustrialSupply 2018 Niederlande Networking Breakfast    
10:30 - 12:00

Guided Tour

Guided tour Lenze stand in hall 14: innovation and introduction to 27 field labs
gather at Holland Lounge D44
registration required


Lenze logo



10:30 - 11:00



Holland Robotics- a Dutch national robotics program addressing several application areas
Willem Endhoven, HighTechNL

An overview on how Dutch players in the field of robotics joined forces to create a strong community.

         Willem Endhoven

11:00 - 11:30



Smart Industry – the fourth industrial revolution in the Netherlands 
Egbert-Jan Sol, TNO Industry

Smart Industry is the acceleration of digitalisation of our industry. It should lead to higher productivity, shorter delivery time, smaller series or n=1 for the price of mass production and ultimately an increase of remanufacturing or local production of goods. Zero-defect, zero-programming, zero-surprise (in maintenance), 100% digital twinning  and 100% digital connected supply chains are typical technological goals. Smart products and servitization are examples of business goals. But most important for all involved from business and society the challenge the every job in industry will be changed within 10 to 20 years and implicit need to (re-)train or continuously train everyone’s digital skills.

         Egbert Jan Sol
11:30 -12:00


Smart Factory – What Does This Mean For Procurement?
Dr. Hendrik G. Seliger, HGSeliger Management Consulting

More and more companies ready their factories to be “smart”. Oftentimes this simply means ensuring data flows through the factory as “LEAN” as the product should do. All is connected, transparent, and control more efficient. Up to factory gate, where suppliers drop their material and the connection breaks.

But then, many companies today have 50%, sometimes even 80% value creation done by their suppliers! What does this imply for Procurement? How to link in this part of the supply chain? And how to deal with the increased transparency and dependence if you need to negotiate best conditions?

Smart Factory – Was bedeutet dies für den Einkauf?
Dr. Hendrik G. Seliger, HGSeliger Management Consulting

Mehr und mehr Unternehmen vernetzen ihre Fertigung und statten sie mit Sensoren aus, um sie zu einer „Smart Factory“ zu machen, in der Daten genauso „LEAN“ fließen, wie das Material es tut. Bis ans Fabriktor, wo Lieferanten ihr unvernetztes Material abladen.

Ein Bruch, denn heutige Unternehmen haben oft 50%, manchmal sogar 80% der Wertschöpfung bei ihren Lieferanten! Aber was heißt das für den Einkauf? Wie kann man diesen Teil der Lieferkette einbinden? Und was bedeutet diese höhere Transparenz und Abhängigkeit, wenn man gleichzeitig die besten Konditionen verhandeln soll?

         Hendrik Seliger
12:00 - 12:30


Advanced Manufacturing in The Netherlands
John Blankendaal, Brainport Industries

Manufacturing in The Netherlands has changed quite a lot over the years facing challenges w.r.t. lower wage countries versus high mix , low volume, high complexity, miniaturization, robotising, etc. Manufacturing needs to be as fully automated as possible in order to minimise downtime due to conversion work. Researchers, companies and organisations have to work closely together. At the Brainport Industries Campus these new ways of working together will become into operation. 

         John Blankendaal
15:00 - 17:00


Additive4Industries Innovation Session - Your first step into innovation collaboration in additive manufacturing 
Anne Verhaag, Brainport Development

The Bavarian Cluster for Mechatronics and Automation Augsburg (Cluster M&A) and the Brainport Eindhoven consortium invite you to start your innovation collaboration in additive manufacturing on Wednesday April 25 at Hannover Messe at the Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion (Hal 4).

Bavaria and Brainport Eindhoven have a strong motivation for joint investments in technology development and share the vision that the innovation cycle needs to be opened up. The partnership intends to boost innovation and knowledge valorisation in the mechatronics and automation sectors in both regions.

During this session you will learn more about the R&D and innovation approach within the Additive4Industry programme. Afterwards you will hear two inspiring presentations from experts in the additive manufacturing industry from Bavaria and the Brainport region. What additive manufacturing research is taking place, what are the latest developments and how could you cooperate? During the following meet-and-match you have the opportunity to discuss more into depth with fellow companies and research institutes how you can cooperate or which research would be beneficial for your company. This is where the Additive4Industries project can help you further and where the collaboration starts.

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