Brainport Industries Koninklijke Metaalunie Mikrocentrum Nevat
  • Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion op Hannover Messe 2018

    Van 23 t/m 27 april 2018 vindt de Hannover Messe plaats. Voor de vijfde keer zullen de organisaties, Brainport Industries, Koninklijke Metaalunie, Mikrocentrum en Nevat de handen ineen slaan om Hal 4 oranje te kleuren.

Hannover Messe
Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion

23 t/m 27 april 2018  
Deutsche Messe, Hannover


14:00 - 14:30




Zeit ist an Ihrer Seite|
Fried Kaanen, Präsident, Koninklijke Metaalunie

Durchlaufzeitverkuerzung bei einer Stufenproduktion

              Fried Kaanen
15:00 - 15:30

    Service Provision during the Product Life Cycle
L.J.M. (Bart) Nieuwenhuis, Fontys University of Applied Sciences

Servitization is a business model innovation of (manufacturing) companies by adding services to their original product-only offerings. Companies can provide distribution and installation services. Companies may also support customers in using their products through help desks, monitoring and offer maintenance and repair services. Manufacturers can decide to offer usage of their machines (and pay per use), e.g., copier manufacturers that are paid for each page. Servitization is not new. For example, Rolls Royce has its “Power by the Hour” concept where they offer and sell propulsive power rather than selling jet engines. In this lecture we discuss developments and discuss possibilities for small and medium sized enterprises. 

         Bart Nieuwenhuis


15:30 - 16:30



    Quick Response Manufacturing: playing with Time
Paul Egelmeers, SpartnerS Management Consultants / Willian Groenen, SpartnerS Management Consultants

QRM; Quick Response Manufacturing means faster, more flexible, better and cheaper production. That is the goal!
Quick Response Manufacturing, with time as the leading management strategy, is ideally suited for companies with:

  •  high-mix, low-volume, or
  •  custom-designed products, or
  •  a process with a limited repetitive character

Advantages of QRM are:

  •  Acceleration of lead times
  •  Adaptability / resilience / maximum flexibility
  •  Better average utilization of machines
  •  Strategic time reduction and position enhancement

This interactive lecture mixes theory and practice and offers insights that are immediately applicable in your own organization.
At the end of the lecture there is the possibility to ask questions.

         Paul EgelmeersWillian Groenen

17:00 - 17:45

Hall 4
Stand D44

    Networking Event with Saksen 

We kindly invite you to join our networking event between stand holders from the Dutch Industrial Supply Pavilion (Hall 4), entrepreneurs from the 
municipality of Tilburg and the delegation from Saksen.